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A Bronx Tale (Film)

Title: A Bronx Tale (Film)
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A Bronx Tale (Film)
"A Bronx Tale" is a film directed by Robert Di Nero about a boy named Cologero (an Italian white male) and his life as he grows up in a town occupied by the mob. Colegero had two strong adult influences in his life. They were his father, Lorenzo, and a mob leader named Sonny. In the film there were a three scenes that especially demonstrated the influence Sonny and Lorenzo had on Cologero. An example …showed first 75 words of 760 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 760 total…and his father, Lorenzo. Lorenzo is his real father but many times in the story he mentions that he considers Sonny to be like a father to him also. As a result, in more than a few situations he chooses to follow Sonny's advice over Lorenzo's. "C" grew up following the mob and eventually learned one important lesson. He learned that all the choices made throughout a person's life, would affect that person's life forever.

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