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A Plea For Proportional Representation

Title: A Plea For Proportional Representation
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A Plea For Proportional Representation
A Vote is a Vote: A Plea for Proportional Representation Step back and observe the configurations, compositions and driving cogs of today's democratic societies, and one will find that there is one repeating theme; the sharing of power. Corporations, religious sects, universities, unions, and hospitals make decisions through committees, conferences and compromises. Why is it then that when it comes to running our country we still entrust power to a single select group and expect …showed first 75 words of 2843 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 2843 total…A Voter?" (October 1996) 9) Cassidy, Michael. "How Proportinal Representation Would Improve Canada's Electoral System", Paul Fox and Graham White, Politics Canada, 8th ed.McGraw-Hill Ryerson pp. 398-412. 10) Irvine, William. "Does Canada Need a New Electoral System?", Kingston: Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, 1979. 11) Barker, Paul and Mark Charlton. (eds.), Crosscurrents: Contemporary Political Issues, Vol.III, pp. 428-451. 12) Milner, Henry. (ed.) "Making Every Vote Count: Reassessing Canada's Electoral System", Broadview Press, 1999.

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