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A defendant's criminal record

Title: A defendant's criminal record
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A defendant's criminal record
Should juries be informed of a defendant's previuos criminal record? This is a question which could cause seriuous debate, depending on an individual's point of view. One person might believe that only the facts or evidence of a particualr case are pertinent to the decision a jury should make. Another might take the position that any evidence is at best circumstantial and that the accuser's character has at least as much bearing on the case …showed first 75 words of 431 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 431 total…accused from the past. Because recidivism is highly likely , knowing about a criminal 's past crimes can prevent future crime. The US is known as the land of the second chance, but the one thing we do not want to do is give criminals a second chance to commit crimes. We must not deliberately obcure their past. A person character is reflected in the access to all information about an accused especially a criminal record.

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