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A review of the Movie the Majestic!

Title: A review of the Movie the Majestic!
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A review of the Movie the Majestic!
The Majestic 1. Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey) seems to have it all: a beautiful girlfriend, a house in Hollywood, a nice car, and a successful career, until he is included on the infamous Hollywood Blacklist. Soon everything seems to disappear. He loses his job as a scriptwriter, his girlfriend, and his success all at once. After a couple drinks Appleton decides to go for a car ride, loses control of his car, and drives off a …showed first 75 words of 655 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 655 total…plot of this film! Before this movie I had only heard about the Hollywood Blacklist, but had never done too much research. Now, I am much more familiar with it and its effects. I thought that this movie portrayed a good story with a well thought out point. After Carrey's courageous speech to Congress I was strongly inspired to stand up for my beliefs. Although this movie was a bit unrealistic, I really liked it.

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