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Abortion 25

Title: Abortion 25
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Abortion 25
Abortion is defined as 'the expulsion, either spontaneous or induced, of a feotus from the womb before it is able to survive, especially in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.' Statistics show that in Australia, 80,000 abortions are officially carried out each year. This is not a figure of 800 or 8,000 but 80,000. Furthermore, not only do abortions inflict an average 30% increased risk to breast cancer, but it is also not as safe as women are being told. …showed first 75 words of 605 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 605 total…feotus? Her mother had given birth to her and she, therefore, must do the same as a result of equality. In conclusion, I oppose the expulsion of a feotus from the womb , as it is per se 'killing' and taking away the life of an innocent potential human being. Every women in our society should possess oneself as a moralist and morolize the impact abortion can bring upon our upcoming mothers of the near generation.

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