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Title: Advertising
Category: /Business & Economy/Marketing and Advertising
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Advertising is a good way of getting money and selling products for the other companies who sell at the Sainsbury store. Lots of companies offer the same range of products so the advertisers have to think of an original idea that will get the customers to buy their product. Sainsburys, the large supermarket chain, rely on advertisements to bring their customers in. They use conventional methods to get the message across, such as TV, newspapers …showed first 75 words of 408 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 408 total…don't have to use any 'amazing' stunt or special effects to get the simple message across. They use classy and easy to read slogans to get this simple message across which are for all age groups. Other advertisement use more un-original ideas and bigger celebrities to get the message across, this uses a lot of money and aren't always as effective. Sainsburys is very original and catchy which would hopefully bring in the bigger profits.

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