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Advertising, what is it ?

Title: Advertising, what is it ?
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Advertising, what is it ?
Very well written, gives my opinion if advertising is the right to choose or not. Needed more details Advertising, what is it ? Advertisements are methods used to commercialize a product or anything else, such as AA meetings, a garage sale, etc. Advertising is used mainly to influence specific audience or all audiences to buy the product. For example, my product is advertising Reebok and is concentrating on people who play American Football. The advertisement is …showed first 75 words of 378 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 378 total…it is just giving me one choice of my several choices of sportswear. Recently, I went in a chat room called 'help', and asked for their opinion on advertising. I asked 17 different people, and 11 said advertising is foolish because it does nothing but interrupt sitcoms and games. The other 6 said, they don't mind all the advertising and that advertising is necessary because no games would be shown since no one would sponsor them without advertising.

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