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Ambitious saddam Hussein and Macbeth

Title: Ambitious saddam Hussein and Macbeth
Category: /History/Middle East History
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Ambitious saddam Hussein and Macbeth
Ambitious leads to power, yet if one abuses his or her ambitious and power, the result would be devastating and corruptive. Recently on the news, Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, is one of the good example of ambitious run wild and corruption of power. Before Saddam Hussein became the president of Iraq, he was a Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council. Saddam continued to consolidate his power by appointing numerous family members to positions of …showed first 75 words of 371 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 371 total…weapons against the Kurdish (Iraqi minority) in the northern part of the country. Thousands of Kurdishs were slaughtered in an hour by the deadly gas. Saddam Hussein's successful career as a tyrant was ended by coalition troops. Most Saddam's Armies, like Macbeth's, surrounded without fighting. He was a modern day figure modeling of Hitler and Stalins. Fortunately, Saddam's power had corrupted in Iraq, and hopefully, people would learn not to be as ambitious as him

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