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Ancient egypt.

Title: Ancient egypt.
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Ancient egypt.
Ancient Egypt An Ancient Indus Valley Civilization Ancient Egypt had many cities along the Nile River. This gave them a good trade route. The cities were there for a while because they had statues that took years to make. Two ancient cities found 13 miles east of Alexandria were found. They had remains of old houses, temples and colossal statues. Before Upper and Lower Egypt were united, a king ruled each area. The king of Lower …showed first 75 words of 525 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 525 total…called papyrus. It was made from the river plant of the same name. Papyrus was a very strong and tough paper-like material that was used in Egypt for over 3000 years. The modern paper was first created from papyrus. Paper is derived from the word "papyrus." Documents written on papyrus were often sealed with a mud sealing embossed with a stamp from a scarab seal, much in the same way that wax seals were later used.

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