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Being Mummified (written in first person)

Title: Being Mummified (written in first person)
Category: /History/Middle East History
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Being Mummified (written in first person)
My Egyptian Mummification and Burial A few weeks ago, I was a great Egyptian pharaoh, but today I will enter afterlife. I have already been through the processes of embalming and mummification. First, I was thoroughly cleaned. Then I was taken to the wabet to be embalmed. My liver, lungs, stomach, and intestines were removed and placed in canopic jars. My brain was taken out with a hook through my nose. I was soaked in …showed first 75 words of 344 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 344 total…will weigh my heart against the feather of truth. The result will be recorded by Thoth, the ibis- headed god of wisdom and writing. Ammut, the demon of the underworld, waits to eat my heart if it has been made too heavy by bad debts. But lucky for me, my mummified body contains a scarab beetle which prevents my secrets from being found out. Now, I will enter an afterlife where nothing can harm me.

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