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Business and econ.

Title: Business and econ.
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Business and econ.
Most people do not think about their health or issues revolving around their health until they are actually ill or people think that their health is only affected by biological factors. However, our health should be a focus in our lives because our daily life has an affect on our health. Illness does not only have biological causes but is also influenced by social factors such as the socially imposed roles of gender and socioeconomic …showed first 75 words of 761 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 761 total…higher levels of distress, those in a lower socioeconomic status have higher incidences of diseases aggravated by stress such as cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. This added stress also leads to negative health behaviors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse all of which have adverse affects on health. These various stressors of everyday life caused by gender differences and differences in socioeconomic status can have a more profound affect than they seem.

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