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Title: Chile
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good essay. excellent details CHILE In this project we are going to summarize the main points concerning the history of CHILE , its independance, and bring the country to present day CHILE. We are also going to mention some important facts about CHILE'S economy. I. COLONIZATION PERIOD CHILE is a country located in the wester coast of South America, on the Pacific Ocean. It is known for the famous Andes Mountain Range that covers all of …showed first 75 words of 878 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 878 total…became president. Chile's current president is Eduardo Frei. Today Chile is the country in Latin America that has had the greatest economic growth for the last five years. Based on our research, we predict that Chile will continue to have a democratic government.We also think that the economy will get beter, as the democratic government is put into action. I also think that democracy will be in Chile for a long period of time

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