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Commercialism and our Children

Title: Commercialism and our Children
Category: /Society & Culture/Education
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Commercialism and our Children
This paper was a research synthesis paper . I was to pick a topic within Education and review the literature on it. I presented the information and formed my opinion based on the research which I reviewed. Commercialism and our Children Introduction: North Americans are saturated with advertisements on radio, television, in the newspaper, on billboards, on the Internet and with Logos on clothes and shoes. Everyday the average citizen in North America views a full …showed first 75 words of 2938 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 2938 total…Education: Commercial Activities in Schools. Prepared and written by Marnie S. Shaul. September 2000. Labi, Nadya 1999"Classrooms for Sale" in Time Magazine, April 19, 1999. Vol. 153 No.15 Molnar, Alex 1996Giving Kids the Business: The Commercialization of America's Schools. Westview Press. Robertson, Heather-Jane 1999No More Teachers, No More Books. Toronto: McCllend and Stewart Inc. Robertson, Heather-Jane 1995Hyenas at the Oasis: Corporate Marketing to Captive Students. Website: Republished with permission from Our School Our Selves Educational Foundation.

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