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Crucial Battles of the Persian Wars

Title: Crucial Battles of the Persian Wars
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Crucial Battles of the Persian Wars
The Ionian revolt provoked the Greeks and the Persians to start what is known as the Persian Wars. With the large pockets of Ionians living in Persia getting more and more discontent, a revolt was imminent. The first thing the revolting Ionians set out to do was to rid the Ionian cities of tyrants and set up democracies in their place. The Ionians were not alone, the Athenians sent 20 ships and the small city of …showed first 75 words of 1987 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1987 total…history". Personally, I would have to agree with the likes of Carl Roebuck when he says, "Victory at salamis was the turning point of the war, It gave the Greeks control of the Aegean, threatened Xerxes lines of communication, and raised the possibility of revolt in Ionia". In my opinion the battle of Salamis was the most crucial of the battles although nothing can be taken away from the importance of the battle of Plataea.

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