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Egyptian Gods & Religion.

Title: Egyptian Gods & Religion.
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Egyptian Gods & Religion.
Egyptian Gods & Religion The Greek historian Herodotus (500 BCE) stated: Of all the nations of the world, the Egyptians are the happiest, healthiest and most religious. The scenes of daily activities, found inside Egyptian tombs, show a strong continuous link between the earth and heavens. The scenes provide graphical illustration of all their activities: hunting, fishing, agriculture, law courts, and all kinds of arts and crafts. Portraying these daily activities, in the presence of the …showed first 75 words of 707 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 707 total…new physical body, in order to provide the soul an opportunity for further development on earth. This cycle of life/death/renewal continues until the soul is perfected, by fulfilling the 42 Negative Confessions, during his life on earth. oIf the two pans are perfectly balanced, then the perfected soul will go through the process of transformation and the rebirth. The outcome of his or her evaluation will determine which heavenly level (2-6) a person reaches.

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