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Essay: The Great Gatsby

Title: Essay: The Great Gatsby
Category: /Literature/World Literature
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Essay: The Great Gatsby
During the roaring twenties, religion and morality had vanished leaving wealth and social status the only way to survive. Fast automobiles, flappers and extensive wardrobes were of importance. The worship of material items eventually led to the irrelevance of those less fortunate. Gatsby did everything he could to rise above the society that he was introduced to, even if it meant leaving others to clean up the mess. Tom Buchanan, brain washed by lust neglected …showed first 75 words of 698 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 698 total…and hard headed as a dog, believed that Gatsby was the perpetrator, and when things went sour he and Daisy did the only thing rich folk were capable of... fleeing the scene. High society shall continue to use and abuse others so long as the seasons change. Money is a curse, a curse that had no cure. The more you attempt to flee, the more money and domination drives you straight into a dead end.

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