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Frankenstein : Saint or Sinner?!

Title: Frankenstein : Saint or Sinner?!
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Frankenstein : Saint or Sinner?!
Frankenstein:Saint or Sinner? Victor Frankenstein wanted to be the creator of a wonderful new living creation. Science was not a aspect to consider, because the young Victor was already a scientist. He was created by the 19 year old Mary Shelley, as a University graduate. He lived in solitude for 6 years, while at University where he stayed in a rented room, this is where he created his magnificent Monster. He was the first and last …showed first 75 words of 445 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 445 total…love and cherish a scientific master-piece. I really do not think that he was ever a Saint or a Sinner, but just a normal human being, because everybody thinks that they can create something brilliant, which will change the world. Victor Frankenstein, was stupid enough to have done this, and by doing so, he was the cause of the death of both is younger brother, cousin and best friend, which could have all been avoided.

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