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Hidden Faces Of A line Of Cubes

Title: Hidden Faces Of A line Of Cubes
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Hidden Faces Of A line Of Cubes
Hidden Faces Introduction: I need find out a formula for the number of hidden and visible faces of a line of cubes placed on a flat table. E.g. for a line of three cubes there is a total of 18 faces, 11 of them are visible and 7 of them are hidden. I will need to find a formula for a quicker way of working this out. I will draw the cubes and write up tables to …showed first 75 words of 477 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 477 total…at how many faces were hidden in the end two and then looked at the number of hidden faces in the centre cubes, I then devised the above formula. Conclusion: I thought my investigation went very well. I found my formulas quite quickly and I was able to write them up. I will now try to apply some of the same techniques used in this investigation to my extension work, Hidden Faces of a Cuboid.

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