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Immorality of Abortion

Title: Immorality of Abortion
Category: /Social Sciences/Controversial Issues
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Immorality of Abortion
After reading many positions on abortion, I have come to the conclusion that a fetus is a person and the right to life of a fetus outweighs that of a woman's right to bodily integrity. Hence, that abortion is immoral. Supporters arguments are that a fetus has no right to life at all based on the belief that is does not meet a set of criteria for personhood. Therefore, a woman may choose to abort …showed first 75 words of 978 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 978 total…If to grant permission and assume responsibility for one's decisions and action is held accountable to everyone, then a fetus' right to life is greater than that of a woman's right to bodily integrity. I believe my argument is plausible, however, I understand that people may take a different point of view. I just wish to show a different view of the abortion issue and bring out some important aspects I believe have been overlooked.

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