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Indus Civilization.

Title: Indus Civilization.
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Indus Civilization.
Farming The single, decisive factor that made it possible for mankind to settle in permanent communities was agriculture. In both civilizations, farming was carried out. During the Indus Civilization, wheat, barley, rice, a number of vegetables, and dates were some of the common crops. The crops produced might have been similar over the two civilizations as both their diets were alike. They also farmed sheep, pigs and cows. Since rainfall was not consistent, they were …showed first 75 words of 338 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 338 total…those used in the area today. It was also used as a means of transport. Terracotta models of bull driven carts have been excavated from the Mohenjo-daro site, and it appears that these carts have changed very little over some 4000 years. It was probably used during the next civilization as well; seeing that this bullock cart has survived for such a long time. The design has not changed because it was already so well designed.

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