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Life of a hero in Gallipoli.

Title: Life of a hero in Gallipoli.
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Life of a hero in Gallipoli.
I am Sean West. I have just enlisted for the Australian Imperial Force, just a day ago when they were recruiting men to serve in the army for Australia. I am a 22 year old actor, well not quite a real one yet but being an actor has been my childhood dream. I know I can make it big one day, my mother is so proud of me, she's so sure that I'll be on stage …showed first 75 words of 1725 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 1725 total…that but they are also living of our mates' dead bodies. Our trenches are awfully overcrowded now. The weather, especially the winters are unbearable. Snow and rain turn our trenches into seas of mud. The whistle is now blowing. Our men are now getting out of the trenches, jumping over the dead bodies and charging towards the Turks. They are fighting the Turks on the battle line. I have to go help my mates now...

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