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Title: Maquiladoras
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Living in America, our perceptions of the tribulations of other countries tend to be blinded. Unless it is shown in the news, or we are introduced to it in some other form, we may never become acquainted with issues that do not directly involve us as Americans. Such is the situation in the area of Mexico known as the Maquiladoras. The Maquiladora is an area of Mexico that extends along the United States and Mexican …showed first 75 words of 2018 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 2018 total…disease. Houston Tex: Houston Chronicle. From ProQuest Direct database. Map courtesy of - map Osio Patrick, Jr. Fig 2 Country of Origin - Tijuana Maquiladoras Only (Source: San Diego Union Tribune, Business Section, C-1, April 20, 1999) Fig. 3 Maquiladora Labor Force by Branch of Industry (Data is current as of September 1998, INEGI - National Institute of Statistics - Source: The Maquiladora Reader)

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