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Title: Muhammad.
Category: /History/Ancient History
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Muhammad was born in 570ad; his father was Ibn Abdullah Mutalib. Muhammad saw visions in 610ad and wrote these visions down in a holy book called the Koran. He decided to preach this to the people, so he did. Muhammad sadly died in 632ad. Muhammad achieved many things in his lif, religiously, politically and even in his personal life. In my opinion his biggest achievement was the founding of Islam where millions of people are …showed first 75 words of 368 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 368 total…target. Muhammad had achieved many other things other than the above for example, Muhammad was a good father and husband, encouraged merchants to be honest, was a successful businessman and was a loving caring person. Overall Muhammad achieved many things, personally, politically and religiously. In my opinion Muhammad was a great man who achieved many things throughout his life which was a short period of time. He is truly a man not to be forgotten.

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