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Overview of the Indus Valley and Egyptian peoples

Title: Overview of the Indus Valley and Egyptian peoples
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Overview of the Indus Valley and Egyptian peoples
The Egyptian civilization and the Indus Valley civilization were very different places. In Egypt, while pyramids were being built, cities were beginning to form in the Indus Valley. Both of these places had fertile lands and natural barriers to prevent invaders. Nobody really knows about the Indus Valley government except for Sargon of Akkad, but we do know that they worshipped several gods, including Shiva. In Egypt, their rulers, or pharaohs, were considered to be …showed first 75 words of 334 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 334 total…dry the rest of the year. Like the Nile, the Indus River flooded every year and gave the citizens fertile soil to plant their crops in. However, the Indus River's floods were unpredictable, as it changed its course many times. It also depended somewhat on the monsoon winds. These wet and dry season alternations made it difficult for the residents to plant, but somehow they managed with what they had. <Tab/>

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