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Personal effects of September 11

Title: Personal effects of September 11
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Personal effects of September 11
"After September 11, we will never be the same." This statement may prove impossible to evaluate in any pragmatic sense and should indeed elicit various contrasting responses from different people. Therein, I suppose, lies the point of this exercise and I have no doubt this quote will stimulate heated discussion for years to come. The answer, of course, is "true"; and the answer, of course, is "false". The effects of September 11 might be properly evaluated on …showed first 75 words of 362 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 362 total…now seem to be the case). Whatever the direct outcomes of 9/11, one can easily anticipate significant changes in the nature of American foreign policy. Will America recover? Yes. Will America ever be the same? In my opinion, the question is more affirmative than negative. The United States have always maintained an culture open and inviting to change and evolution, whether it be social, political, or economic. 9/11 has initiated further change, and America will respond accordingly.

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