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Short Description of Hieroglyphs for Visual Display

Title: Short Description of Hieroglyphs for Visual Display
Category: /History/Ancient History
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Short Description of Hieroglyphs for Visual Display
Hieroglyphs were the Egyptians form of written language. They were a number of pictures that were used to represent a sound, syllable, determinative, or even an entire word, similar to the way our letters represent different sounds. Interestingly, although the exact pronunciation of ancient Egyptian words is unknown, so one can not be certain if there was in fact an omission, it is believed that often times words were written omitting the vowel(s). The …showed first 75 words of 555 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 555 total…y to tales of extreme bravery taking place within a massive battle. Also written on were sheets of papyrus, however, these are less commonly found than the writings on monuments walls. The period through which hieroglyphics was the not just dominant written language, but virtually the only written language, in the region for quite an extended amount of time, around 3500 years, has resulted in there being a wealth of information on the ancient Egyptians' society.

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