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Title: Taiga
Category: /Society & Culture/Geography
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The taiga is largest biome. It covers 11% of the Northern Hemisphere area and it covers 27 percent of world's total forest. It is stretches across much of Canada, Northern Europe, and Asia. The Siberian Taiga is biggest forest in the world. Stretches 5700 km from west to east and 1000 km from north to south. In North America, it stretches 6200km from west to east and about 500 km from north to south. It is located just south of …showed first 75 words of 665 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 665 total…cause many effects to all over the world. If there is problem of global warming in taiga, maybe many animals used to live in taiga moves to north(tundra). And many new animals come from south to the taiga, therefore there will be many changes, such as plants that grows, communities, and also if there is parasitism, pyramid can breakdown and in future maybe all animals extinct. This also can happen in any other biomes.

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