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The Islamic World on a global level.

Title: The Islamic World on a global level.
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The Islamic World on a global level.
Islam plays a huge role in the world today. It is based off of the two main religions of the world, Judaism and Christianity. As a faith, it accepts aspects of both religions, as Christianity was based off of Judaism, and next, with Muhammad came the Islamic religion. Islam recognizes people of both other religions as those "of the book." Muslims, the followers of Islam, make up most of the Middle East. Another name for …showed first 75 words of 662 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 662 total…misconceptions about it. The spread of this now world religion has far out reached the boarders of the Middle East. The fact that it is (or was) the focal point of the trade-world contributed to the fact that Islam is as popular as it is today. With the improvement of schools and the increase of scholars, ignorance about Islam has greatly decreased. People are now more aware of its importance and impact on global history.

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