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"The Role of the teacher" by Irving layton.

Title: "The Role of the teacher" by Irving layton.
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"The Role of the teacher" by Irving layton.
In our society today, many students do very poorly in school. But what is the reason for this? In Irving Layton's essay 'The Role of The Teacher' he believes that teachers shouldn't be fully blamed, and that one of main reasons why students do poorly in school are due to the cut backs and poor judgment of the school boards. Also he believes that the society has done their part to help shape our present …showed first 75 words of 829 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 829 total…education system and society does have an effect, but a very small one. Students have the power to be educated; it is their choice of whether they want to learn or not. Teachers' need to be intellectual and have that urge that makes them want to teach. They need to more than just the textbook to help aid a student in life. A students educational success lies in the hands of themselves and the teachers.

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