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This essay is about the golden rectangle/section.

Title: This essay is about the golden rectangle/section.
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This essay is about the golden rectangle/section.
The Golden Section The Golden Section has been referred to as the Divine Proportion, the golden ratio or the Golden Rectangle. This proportion has been demonstrated in the Greek architecture of the Parthenon, the Renaissance architecture of Leon Battista Alberti's Santa Maria Novella in Florence, in the Invisible Squares of Mondrian and used extensively by Le Corbusier in his quest for modular designs of modern architecture. To make the golden section you must: Step 1: Draw …showed first 75 words of 379 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 379 total…Section in itself. This proportion may then be interpolated or extrapolated an infinite number of times, always creating another rectangle of the same proportion. The Golden Section is a simple tool that may be used to enhance the meaning and beauty of an architectural work. Most of all, though, the Golden Section reminds us that proportions are important to all works of art, and that we must always learn from the masters of the past.

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