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Top Ten Places To Visit in Ancient Rome.

Title: Top Ten Places To Visit in Ancient Rome.
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Top Ten Places To Visit in Ancient Rome.
10 The Roman Walls Strong defenses are an important part of the Roman empire, so forts are built at strategic locations throughout the countryside from which troops patrol. 9 The Catacombs Come see the subterranean burial place for Christians where cremation was preformed. 8 The Forum Visit the administrative and corporate heart of Rome. The Forum is where business, judicial, civic, and religious activities are conducted. It is surrounded by temples, shops, and basilicas. 7 The Roman Baths Come …showed first 75 words of 570 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 570 total…charioteers are killed. However, if they are good, they might become popular heroes. 1 The Colosseum As many as 50,000 spectators come to the Colosseum to watch comedic contests, exotic animal shows, and gladiator events. In most tournaments and games, death plays a prominent role. Professional gladiators normally consist of condemned criminals, prisoners of war, and slaves. They fight either animals or each other, generally until death. Their weapons might include nets, swords, tridents, spears, or firebrands.

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