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Trade And Commerce during the Renaissance

Title: Trade And Commerce during the Renaissance
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Trade And Commerce during the Renaissance
What is Trade & Commerce? Trade and Commerce played an excellent role during the Renaissance. First, trade and commerce is Society, trading goods across the borders and other things like that. Second, trade and commerce is power, if you had power, you had it all made out for you. Last but not least, trade and commerce also played a role in your status. Renaissance depended on trade and commerce a lot of the time in …showed first 75 words of 372 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 372 total…dominate the social life of everyone. Status also can lead to power. Trade and commerce was becoming the thing that would take over the Renaissance. In a good way though. Society, helping others and trading goods across borders then trading with the locals of your home town. Power, no more huge armies, just wealthy merchants. Status, work your way up, and maybe even join a guild. That was trade and commerce of the Renaissance period.

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