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Trinezza: Entering International Markets.

Title: Trinezza: Entering International Markets.
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Trinezza: Entering International Markets.
Introduction. This report is based on an interactive simulation about a company that wanted to expand into a new global market. The company is Trinezza and they manufacture a scooter called the Cynta. The idea of expanding into this new market was based off an experience the chief financial officer JoAnne Vallenari had while on a vacation to Setonia. Trinezza had made the decision to enter the global market by license agreement with another company …showed first 75 words of 552 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 552 total…profitability. Conclusion: The simulation was a good learning tool and I came away with a better understanding of some other things to think of when either starting a business or entering a new market. References: University of Phoenix (2005). "Entering International Markets". Retrieved Oct 26, 2005, From University of Phoenix, Resource, Simulation (et al.), MGT 448-- Global Business Strategies Web site:

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