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Vietnam ."

Title: Vietnam ."
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Vietnam ."
My critical essay paper is on "Vietnam: A Necessary War" by Michael Lind. Vietnam is an interesting country to me because my parents talked a lot about the horrible war. I was fortunate to be born in America and raised as an American. I am half Vietnamese and Chinese and this essay pertains to China and Vietnam. About this essay, the author is mitigating the reason of America's taking part in the Vietnam War. Michael …showed first 75 words of 818 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 818 total…more knowledgeable with various armed diplomacy. We lost the Vietnam War partly due to unfamiliar type of warfare which was called guerrilla. Now, we are cautious and conscientious of our military technology and training. We don't come enter a war with a supremacy ego instead we studied the area and tactics. We are better trained military force than most country. Vietnam has taught us a great lesson that small country can overcome a big bully.

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