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What I Want

Title: What I Want
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What I Want
I want what I always can't have. I want my college to cost less so that I wont have to pay off my loans in the future. I want a new BMW 745i, with spinners from Giovanni and a white on white design with interior white leather. I want my cell phone to have reception anywhere I go. I want all the beautiful girls in the world to love me. I want to have a …showed first 75 words of 438 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 438 total…painted silver for that extra silver lighting effect. I want to be able to see my two baby cousins everyday. I want to actually understand what my math professor is talking about. I want to be able to write my feelings down on a piece of paper whenever I feel like it, and not have to worry about what other think of it. I want all that by the time I finish writing this essay.

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