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Zeno of Elea

Title: Zeno of Elea
Category: /Science & Technology/Mathematics
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Zeno of Elea
Zeno of Elea was born in Elea, Italy, in 490 B.C. He died there in 430 B.C., in an attempt to oust the city's tyrant. He was a noted pupil of Parmenides, from whom he learned most of his doctrines and political ideas. He believed that what exists is one, permanent, and unchanging. Zeno argued against multiplicity and motion. He did so by showing the contradictions that result from assuming that they were real. His …showed first 75 words of 426 total…
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…showed last 75 words of 426 total…are shrinking infinitely at the same rate, then eventually they will equal a certain number, not infinity as both Zeno's argument and yours suggest. A simpler way to explain this would be to say that if the first half of the semester takes a certain amount of time, and time always passes at the same rate, then the second half of the semester will also take a certain amount of time, which can be measured.

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