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… by both major parties. In 1952 he had accepted the Republican nomination. His bright smile and good manner had assured Americans who lost their confidence in Harry Truman, which he then created his campaign slogan, “I like Ike.” Eisenhower’s runn…
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… back in public schools. Since 1963, when we banned prayer, dropout rates, juvenile crimes, and teen pregnancies have increased. Also, academic scores have decreased. These are results from one action - prayer being banned. We should guarantee students…
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… then the sixties. The first British invasion had run its course-the Beatles had disbanded and the who were between projects. Pioneering guitar kings Clapton and Hendrix had given up their thrones, Clapton to heroin and Hendrix to the grim reaper. But…
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… of the totalitarian society portrayed in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The language itself is a supposed creation by Big Brother, the fictitious political figure made up by the Inner Party - the government of Oceania, INGSOC. The language of Newspeak…
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… 1986 the space shuttle Challenger exploded due to low temperatures and the faulty design of one of the joints on an SRB (solid rocket booster). Why was this event unique? I believe this event is unique to the 1980’s because it was the first time…
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… the New Hampshire primary, there were only five serious contenders for the Democratic nomination. The list included Paul Tsongas (Mass.), Bill Clinton (Ark.), Tom Harkin, Jerry Brown (California), and Bob Kerrey (Neb.). Clinton’s strategy was to presen…
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… was realizing the dire need for reform. With all the quick expanding and the industrializing of America, many of the rights of the certain groups in society were being over looked. The dire need for reform was soon apparent and the government realized…
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… King Xerxes, was preparing for revenge on Athens. The defeat they had suffered in 490BC at Marathon was a thorn in their side. Xerxes’ father Darius had begun the planning of this invasion and after he died it became Xerxes’ number one priority. Littl…
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… was the worst nuclear power plant disaster in the United States. It happened at a time when nuclear power safety was in question and when the mention of the word “Nuclear” brought on thoughts of war. Also, it brought the downfall of nuclear power…
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… taken) of the FF: a) Danish war of 1864 or Austria-Prussia vs. Denmark à Bismark brought about a war with Denmark over the provinces of Schlesweig and Holstein. Prussia, joined by Austria, easily defeated Denmark and compelled it to cede Schlesweig-Hol…
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