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Letter "J" » Jose Ortega y Gasset Quotes
«Stupefaction, when it persists, becomes stupidity.»
Author: Jose Ortega y Gasset | Keywords: stupefaction
«An ''unemployed'' existence is a worse negation of life than death itself.»
«The mass believes that it has the right to impose and to give force of law to notions born in the cafe.»
«I am I plus my surroundings and if I do not preserve the latter, I do not preserve myself.»
«The characteristic of the hour is that the commonplace mind, knowing itself to be commonplace, has the assurance to proclaim the rights of the commonplace and to impose them wherever it will.»
«Our firmest convictions are apt to be the most suspect, they mark our limitations and our bounds. Life is a pretty thing unless it is moved by the indomitable urge to extend its boundaries.»
«Contrary to the unsophisticated suggestions of melodrama, to rule is not so much a question of the heavy hand as of the firm seat»
«Biography is: a system in which the contradictions of a human life are unified.»
«There is but one way left to save a classic: to give up revering him and use him for our own salvation.»
Author: Jose Ortega y Gasset | Keywords: classic, revering
«I do not deny that there may be other well-founded causes for the hatred which various classes feel toward politicians, but the main one seems to me that politicians are symbols of the fact that every class must take every other class into account.»

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