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Letter "A" » Archie Bunker Quotes
«The only thing that holds a marriage together is the husband being big enough to step back and see where the wife is wrong»
Author: Archie Bunker
«Man was put on this earth to eat meat...The Bible says so dumbbell...I mean look it up will ya? All them old bible peoples, they was always eating meet; soon as they found out eating apples was wrong...It's true, on special occasions: goats and lambs. Who the hell ever hear of sacrificing a head of lettuce? You?»
«You can never buy beer, you just rent it.»
Author: Archie Bunker | About: Beer | Keywords: rent
«I never said a guy who wears glasses is a queer. A guy who wears glasses is a four-eyes; a guy who's a fag is a queer.»
Author: Archie Bunker
«Why donĀ“t you go bacl to bartenderĀ“s school and take a college course in shut-up?[On being reminded of his age by kelsey]»
Author: Archie Bunker
«An octopus has eight testicles.»
Author: Archie Bunker
« the Jews and the Seventh Day Adventurists»
Author: Archie Bunker
«Crowtins? What the hell are crowtins? (looking at Edith's grocery list: croutons)»
Author: Archie Bunker
«All in the Family»
Author: Archie Bunker

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