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Letter "C" » Carole King Quotes
«Do the things You believe in, In the name of love, And know that, You aren't alone, We all have doubts and fears»
Author: Carole King | Keywords: doubts, The name
«You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face, And show the world all the love in your heart, Then people gonna treat you better, You're gonna find, yes you will, That you're beautiful as you feel»
Author: Carole King | About: Smile | Keywords: get up, good morning, Show People, treat
«He hit me,but it didn't hurt me,'cuz if he didn't care for me,then I could've never made him mad,he hit me,and I was glad»
Author: Carole King | Keywords: care for, I was glad
«I should be used to these things, ... But usually there are more friendly faces.»
Author: Carole King
«[King, who has lived in Idaho for 28 years, said she is proud of rural Custer County and noted that she still votes by paper ballot in the nearby town of Clayton. A sign near her house says] Welcome to Challis, Gateway to Wilderness. ... It does not say 'Gateway to Off-Road Vehicle Trails.'»
Author: Carole King
«Everyone has been telling these great James Taylor stories, and nothing for me says it better than this song.»
Author: Carole King
«A lot of people in America tend to take the military for granted,»
Author: Carole King
«Most people see him as some guy who didn't rock,»
Author: Carole King
Author: Carole King

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