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Letter "G" » Gregg Williams Quotes
«We played 80-some, almost 90 snaps on defense, ... 12 for 31, 51 quarterback rating. We did a pretty good job there.»
«This is what he does best, play football. I thought it was important for the young guys to see him here, see him taking charge in the huddle. It's very valuable for him to show the young guys how important it is to be here, to be working.»
«We always look at that. A guy may have done everything before, but maybe we want him to be as good as he can be at one thing first before we add on. You have to decide what's best for him and best for what you're trying to get done.»
«I'm willing to carry a long-snapping specialist, yes. But he has to show me he can handle the full-out blitz that he'll get in punt protection. If he can handle that, we'll carry him.»
«There's a fine line between hope and belief. But he brings belief. All of us became better coaches the second that deal was cut.»
«I try to keep that game out of my mind as much as possible, but as you can imagine, it's a big part of the tradition here. It wasn't until I had been on the sideline as the Bills coach two or three times that I quit thinking about it.»
«He's amazing, and his family background is amazing. What he has overcome already in life is really heart-wrenching. I know this: This team loves him. He's the type of guy who really adds to the chemistry of a football team. People can't get enough of him and what he can do with his magic.»
«I told him we can get David Copperfield if we want a magic act. He needs to make sure the damn ball gets back there every time like it's supposed to. We're not keeping him just for his ability to do tricks and entertain the guys.»
«Buddy Ryan said it best. It's hard for a quarterback to throw with tears in his eyes. We brought the whole house. We left our two corners back. Bledsoe went hot and got the ball out quickly. Terry Glenn caught it...»
«Sometimes the idea of a blitz can be almost as good as the blitz itself. We pressured Bledsoe on seven of the first 10 snaps. I knew Bill Parcells was going to over-commit to protecting his quarterback, and leave more people in to block. So we started showing pressure and not bringing it, making the quarterback feel by the way we lined up, 'Here they come.' And then we'd drop back, and he'd wind up getting upset and throwing the ball away.»

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