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Letter "M" » Michael Walsh Quotes
«Opera stars know that biology is destiny. Sometime in their 50s or early 60s, the powerful, flexible and ultimately mysterious instrument that has been the source of their artistry frays, cracks and disappears.»
«Rich, supple and shining, it was in its prime capable of effortlessly soaring from a smoky mezzo to the pure soprano gold of a perfectly spun high C.»
«If it keeps one tragedy from happening, I'm all for it.»
Author: Michael Walsh
«I'm on a cloud actually,»
Author: Michael Walsh
«Great cultural myths deserve to be added to. We've done this throughout time immemorial, starting with the Greeks.»
Author: Michael Walsh
«We bought the memory modules from a trusted European distributor.»
Author: Michael Walsh
«They are committed to correcting any errors so it won't happen again in the future.»
Author: Michael Walsh
«Deepening our understanding of the global environmental services, in addition to the local environmental services provided by no-till activities, is of critical importance as the world faces a major challenge in reducing the risks associated with greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change.»
Author: Michael Walsh
«Our fishermen believe they're a forgotten industry. There's so much pressure to keep the boats working and people feel the Fisheries Bill is the final straw.»
Author: Michael Walsh
«At this point in the proceedings I don't see (ethical funds) selling BHP. But if it got a lot worse from this point there would be some managers who would say they can't hold the company at this time.»
Author: Michael Walsh

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