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Letter "P" » Pedro Almodovar Quotes
«All my movies have an autobiographical dimension, but that is indirectly, through the characters. In fact I am behind everything that happens and that is said, but I am never talking about myself in first person. Something in me -probably a dislike of cheap exhibitionism- stops me from approaching a project too autobiographically.»
«I fit very well, you don't know how much, with winning the Oscar. It happened before with Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. I get sad, especially for the people who surround me and the public who might stop me on the streets. It is a virtual responsibility.»
«I don't know if All About My Mother is my best film yet. I haven't had time to analyse it. If you look at the argument it looks like an outrageous story, but the challenge was to show the story as something real and emotional. The truth is that everybody leaves the cinema feeling a better person.»
«When I was very young, I was already a fabulador. I loved to give my own version of stories that everybody already knew. When I got out of a movie with my sisters, I retold them the whole story. In general they liked my version better than the one they had seen.»
«I was born at a bad time for Spain, but a really good one for cinema.»
Author: Pedro Almodovar (Film Director, Screenwriter) | About: Movies | Keywords: cinema, Spain
«Right now I don't know if I have dreamt about this or not. But when you are in the ocean you must swim. Being on the race for the Oscars, logically I want to win.»
«Even people who work with me don?t know who I?m dating. I just don?t talk about it so that I won?t implicate others. Just because they?re dating someone famous doesn?t mean they have to lose their privacy. But am I involved? Yes. It?s nice to be wanted romantically, to be desired and, right now, I am.»
«This means a lot to us but it's not going to change the kind of movie I'm going to do. ... Tomorrow, it seems to me that I will be sure what I want to do. Today, I cannot think.»
«I hardly ever go back because there I don't return as an acclaimed director, but rather as a little boy. There, I still feel like a little boy.»

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