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Letter "R" » Robert Stack Quotes
«These are icons to be treasured.»
Author: Robert Stack (Actor) | Keywords: icon, icons
«If you're a star you go through the front door carrying the roses, instead of through the back door carrying the garbage.»
«I'm sure that we'll learn a lot from their experience, as we do from all the other disasters,»
Author: Robert Stack (Actor)
«There are many people of integrity in both parties who will continue to oppose this radical effort to significantly weaken one of our country's most important environmental laws,»
Author: Robert Stack (Actor)
«It's just been a series of political maneuvers that leave me astonished at how much power a small number of people can ply over a large area.»
Author: Robert Stack (Actor)
«California's red-legged frogs are part of our historical, literary and cultural heritage, ... It is critically important that we ensure that there will always be frogs jumping here in Calaveras County, and in other places, too.»
Author: Robert Stack (Actor)
«I would doubt that this much money has been spent accomplishing important 'on-the-ground' recovery work. It is now coming up on 10 years since (it) was first listed as a 'threatened' species, and it is still not through the bureaucratic morass.»
Author: Robert Stack (Actor)
«Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.»
Author: Robert Stack (Actor)
«Most everyone with any sense knows that all creatures need a suitable place to live. If the places to live are not sufficient to ensure the recovery of the frog, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to predict the consequences.»
Author: Robert Stack (Actor)
«We've taken big strides in a short time. But we've got a lot more striding to do. Community is key.»
Author: Robert Stack (Actor)

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