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Letter "R" » Ryan MacMurchy Quotes
«We're not happy with this. We're embarrassed.»
«When we were winning, our practices were (about) grinding each other, getting on each other, yelling and hollering. It's been a little dead out there lately, not as competitive.»
«Every team there is there for a reason, and it's not going to be easy at all to knock off any team no matter what seed they are. No one wants to lose their last game. But it's a feather in our cap to be the No. 1 team in the tournament, for sure. We kind of expected to be a No. 1 seed all year around and we know we're deserving of it.»
«It was tough. I'm just thankful we won and I've got another chance to play (today). I was biting my nails there thinking that my last game would end that way.»
«It was everything it lived up to be in our dreams. We got it done with blood, sweat and tears.»
«I just think if something were to happen and we were to lose he doesn't want us to look like a failure. Because we have helped turn this program around. I think he is trying to point out that even though we haven't won anything yet we've made a lot of strides and gotten the program back into a national contender again.»
«It was like a pee-wee team playing an NHL team. They absolutely smoked us.»
«It's a storybook ending and a Cinderella story. Looking at the schedule, you saw the Green Bay regional and Milwaukee with the national championship. We wanted to be there so bad. We knew it would be a great sea of red fans. It was everything it lived up to be in our dreams, and we got it done with blood, sweat and tears.»
«Freshman year, he was real hard. Scary at times, for sure. Every year he's loosened up, and that's because people started to buy in. You've got to be tough at first if you can't get guys to buy in. That's the kind of coach he is, and that's the kind of coach he should be. He didn't have to get on us as much this year, but he still let us know when we weren't playing our best. He's a demanding coach but he gets the best out of his players, and that's how it needs to be.»
«I'm just so proud of everyone in this room and we got it done.»

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