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Letter "V" » Vladimir Radmanovic Quotes
«There's 20 of us on this team and we all probably have the same opinion of what's wrong. But I'll let somebody else tell it this time. I'm not going to analyze anything anymore. What happens, happens.»
«There's nothing I can do but go out there and play, whether it's five minutes or 30 minutes. I can't worry about that.»
«Finally, I had a good day I can be proud of, but it would have been better if we'd won.»
«The last 30 games, to be honest with you, I don't feel like a basketball player. It's really hard and frustrating, but I tried to stay focused mentally and physically, be ready when I was called.»
«It was really hard. I think that's what we missed. That's probably the reason why we didn't play the way we're supposed to play because we all like to practice easy, but sometimes you need somebody to push you a little bit in order to get better.»
«It's a pretty hard situation for everybody, to be 30 games into the season and you have to change everything, but they were not going the right direction. It was the only logical thing that was going to happen. We all feel bad for coach Weiss, but it was probably time for changes. Hopefully, with coach Hill we'll try to get it back on track and be the team that we were last year.»
«Everybody knows that if the United States were ever to have its best players playing in the Olympics, then it would not be close. You can talk all you want about the rest of the world closing the gap, and that's true. But when the best players in the world are on one team, you're not going to beat them.»
«I still remembered about how to play basketball. (Friday) was tough, I'll have to admit it. But you have to respect coach's decision. Nothing surprises me anymore, so I am trying to be focused.»
«Winning makes everything easier and sometimes things that are wrong you don't even notice them. Winning covers it up. When you're losing some things just show up.»
«It was one of those games we had to come in and play hard from the beginning of the game and that is what we did. They didn't have a field goal for about the first six minutes of the game. We showed them how we were going to play and it paid off.»

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