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Letter "D" » duality
« I have done this, and I will do that - I am an idiotic fool for saying this! I have forgotten the Doer of all; I am caught in the love of duality. There is no pain as great as the pain of Maya; it drives people to wander all around the world, until they become exhausted.»
«Hypocrisy is not devotion - speaking words of duality leads only to misery. Those humble beings who are filled with keen understanding and meditative contemplation - even though they intermingle with others, they remain distinct.»
«Burn the pen, and burn the ink; burn the paper as well. Burn the writer who writes in the love of duality.»
Author: Sri Guru Granth Sahib | Keywords: duality
«Everything happens according to the Lord's Will; what can the poor people do? Attached to self-conceit and duality, they have forgotten their Lord and Master.»
Author: Sri Guru Granth Sahib | Keywords: conceit, duality
«Filth does not stick to those who are true, but filth attaches itself to those who love duality. This filth cannot be washed off, even by bathing at the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage.»
«By Guru's Grace, one is lovingly focused on the One Lord, and then, duality is ended. »
Author: Sri Guru Granth Sahib | Keywords: duality, lovingly
«Falsehood has vanished, duality has been erased, and they are totally overflowing with Truth. They serve the Supreme Lord God, and enshrine the One Lord within their minds. The months, the days, and the moments are auspicious, for those upon whom the Lord casts His Glance of Grace. Nanak begs for the blessing of Your Vision.»
«For the sake of Maya, they set the stage and dance, but they are in love with duality, and they obtain only sorrow.»
«By Guru's Grace, intuitive understanding is obtained; subduing the sense of duality, they are in love with the One.»
«Heart knows neither duality nor the limitations of space and time.»

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