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Letter "S" » schemes
«[Bigotry's] birthplace is the sinister back room of the mind where plots and schemes are hatched for the persecution and oppression of other human beings.»
«A veritable incubator of short cuts, schemes and devices to overcome the truth.»
«Big plans, elaborate schemes and grand designs sort of messily bleeding into one another [have] created Chicago's reputation for rawness. But that rawness is just ambition-sometimes ambition run amuck-that has acquired a life of its own.»
Author: Pat Colander | Keywords: amuck, bleeding, designs, schemes
«?When a warrior learns to stop the internal dialogue, everything becomes possible; the most far-fetched schemes become attainable.?»
«Man's schemes are inferior to those made by heaven»
Author: Chinese Proverbs | Keywords: inferior, schemes
«In the school of political projectors, I was but ill entertained, the professors appearing, in my judgment, wholly out of their senses; which is a scene that never fails to make me melancholy. These unhappy people were proposing schemes for persuading monarchs to choose favorites upon the score of their wisdom, capacity, and virtue; of teaching ministers to consult the public good; of rewarding merit, great abilities, and eminent services, of instructing princes to know their true interest, by placing it on the same foundation with that of their people; of choosing for employment persons qualified to exercise them; with many other wild impossible chimeras, that never entered before into the heart of man to conceive; and confirmed in me the old observation, that there is nothing so extravagant and irrational which some philosophers have not maintained for truth.»
«Most schemes of political improvement are very laughable things»
Author: Samuel Johnson (Critic, Poet, Writer) | About: Politics | Keywords: laughable, schemes
«A poor man is all schemes.»
Author: Spanish Proverb | Keywords: poor man, schemes, scheming
«It all worked out - I was saved, and the egotism within my heart was subdued. The evil energies have been made to serve me, since I placed my faith in the True Guru. I have renounced my useless schemes, by the Grace of the True, Carefree Lord.»
«If the schemes of Utopians could be realized, the tone of society would be changed from what it is, into a sort of insipid high life. There could be no fine tragedies written; nor would there be any pleasure in seeing them. We tend to this conclusion already with the progress of civilization.»

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